Packing for Paris


Packing for Paris

Travelling has always been something special to me and visiting the places on my bucket list is just a dream coming true. But before the actual travel is starting, packing suitcase(s) is the first step on the agenda…

In the past I always packed just my favorite pieces and threw it all in my suitcase till it was full…most of the times I struggled with finding pieces out of my luggage that perfectly matched together and was literally rummaging through stuff like digging my way through a trash can…it was horrible! And I felt horrible because I never had something to wear… Nowadays I got a little wiser (and older) and am planning my outfits in advance. It’s the only trustworthy method when it comes to travelling.

First things first: I start thinking about a color scheme I want to wear, or a matching outfit for a special place I want to visit. Also I plan my outfits around a certain piece that I really want to wear. Once my „key pieces“ are selected, I go through every part in my wardrobe and lay down matching pieces like bottoms/tops and shoes, jewelry, socks, tights, and so on, until the moment I think the outfit is perfect. :-) Every outfit will be put on and sometimes double checked by my lovely boyfriend (he has a really good eye and is telling me when I’ve lost the thread).

Once the outfits are ready I carefully fold every outfit intertwined. That helps me grab my planned outfits on the days I actually wanna wear it, just in case I might forget what I had planned to wear togethter :-) Because of always being in a rush that happens all the time! Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Paris with my lovely striped outfit that matched the Palais Royal I desperately wanted to visit :-)

I love Paris so so much!

Have you ever been there?






DIOR Spring Summer 2018 Show


Invitation to Christian Dior
Autumn 2017 


FUR SLIDES - shoe trend of the season

Summer is over but the trend stays on: FUR SLIDES

Especially in the transitioning season from summer to autumn these massive trendy slides can still be worn perfectly. Either with Jeans and Trenchcoat, to a pleated Midiskirt or with a Miniskirt and fur gilet. These shoes will always fit and brings the special „wow“ to your outfit. By the way…they are also perfect as a fashionable indoor slipper. The postman will definitely gape.

Here I have the highly coveted ones for you with direct links to purchase:

If you’re not willing to pay a little fortune for this trend…no worries, here you’ll have also beautiful slides in a lower price range:

Ducie London in black with red fur

(available in many colours)

Another A in gray


(Faux Fur)


DIOR Spring Summer 2018 Show

Today was the SS19 Fashionshow of Dior. I only have one word for the show: GENIUS!

1. Look of the collection: typical french style with a striped shirt and beret, nevertheless with a provocative slogan: „WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO GREAT WOMAN ARTISTS?“.

Maria Grazia Chiuri calls out again the question which has been asked in 1971 from Linda Nochlin. Her slogan relates to the fact, that all the female artists should get a place in art history and fashion again.

The collection itself is very feminine but young and bold in a way. Elements of tull and glitter gives the collection a dreamy and fairylike look. Masculine elements like pinstriped shirts, a lot of Jeans or easy white shirts gives variety.

An exuberantly colorful palette, big polka dots, small polka dots, black and white checked patterns, embroideries, mirror mosaics in dialogue with leather, Jeans and tull… all this makes the collection phenomenal.

The collection will be available in Boutiques beginning of February 2018. I have so many favorite pieces, I will write my SA just right now :-)


Invitation to Christian Dior
autumn 2017 Presentation in Munich

Dear Fashion-Friends,

last week I had the honor to attend the presentation of the new Christian Dior collection. You need to know I'm a huge fan of Haute Couture and of the brand Dior in general.

My heart is racing faster touching the delicate fabrics of such hand made couture gowns, which are literally melting between the fingers.

This years autumn collection is designed by designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and turned out really really special. The fittings are fresh and the styling combinations elegant yet sporty. The pieces themselves can be easily mixed and matched together and are spreading youthness but feminity.

The collection is just that tiny bit of boho looking that also the classic women will love to wear the pieces!

For me personally, the collection looks pretty much as a winner and I'm super excited to show the pieces to my clients.



PS: I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I only was able to shoot with my iPhone.

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