Do you want to find your own unique, perfect look?

An initial consultation is the key prerequisite to discuss your requirements, questions and ideas. After discussing what you desire we then define the scope of my services to meet your individual needs.

Wardrobe Check

Wardrobe Check: The first step to a perfect wardrobe

Your wardrobe is full and you nevertheless have the feeling that you have nothing suitable to wear? Or, are you not sure which parts match perfectly?

After a joint wardrobe check we will sort things out in your wardrobe and determine which parts you can combine with each other and which parts you should discard.

Based on my Wardrobe Checklist I will find out whether your wardrobe contains sufficient basics for various events and whether these enhance your personal look and are up-to-date.

In the last step we create a Shopping List with all pieces of clothing that you lack for a diversified wardrobe. If you desire, we can either purchase these on a joint shopping spree or I will go shopping for you and bring back home a selection of pieces of clothing that perfectly underline your own personal look.

Wardrobe Styling

Enough with asking yourself “what to wear?”

In actual fact you are generally satisfied with your wardrobe but do not know how to create stylish looks with the pieces of clothing you have in your wardrobe? After our wardrobe styling you will no longer have to ask yourself the question “What shall I wear?”

First of all we rummage through your wardrobe and check what treasures you have hidden there. Then we combine appropriate outfits for various events and determine what is missing for an expressive basic wardrobe: Sometimes all you might need is a few new parts or accessories to create diversified outfits from your existing wardrobe.

We can optionally photograph the newly combined looks to make it easy for you to select what clothes you would like to wear every day. You will thus no longer have to think of what you should wear, but only what your favourite combinations are ...

Personal Shopping

The exclusive shopping experience with your Personal Shopper

Are you interested in a new look or are searching for the perfect outfit for a specific event? Let us book a Personal Shopping date! I will help you to find the look to make you look great that can be ideally combined with your existing wardrobe.

Wardrobe check – the basis for your perfect wardrobe

If you have no time for a joint wardrobe check, we can clarify the key issues in a personal telephone call. In order to find the perfect pieces of clothing, I also need a recent full-body photo as well as information on your age, type of figure and clothing style.

In company shopping is fun

After an upfront conversation we start out on our joint shopping tour in Munich. Thanks to my excellent knowledge of the city, I know exactly where we will be able to find the perfect clothing for you. In each store I select suitable pieces of clothing so that you can directly try these on. Optionally we can also go shopping in a city of your choice.

No time for shopping? No problem.

In agreement with you I will go shopping for you and bring a selection of suitable pieces of clothing to your home. You can try out the outfits in peace and quiet and select your favourites. Of course I will assist you in advising you with regard to selecting the perfect outfit.


Your stylish room service

If you have to travel a lot and have only very little time, but nevertheless want to be perfectly dressed at all times, benefit from my extensive Travel Service and let me take over ensuring that you will be perfectly dressed for any upcoming event.

After discussing your requirements I will help you to pack your suitcase with the right pieces of clothing and accessories depending on the reason for your travel. It will be a pleasure for me to alternatively create stylish outfits from the contents of your already packed suitcase.

It is my job to prepare perfect combinations which you will be delighted to wear when you unpack your suitcase in your hotel room.

If you lack the one or other decisive piece of clothing for a meeting or event, I will go on a shopping tour on your behalf and bring it directly to your hotel room. All you have to do is to slip into your perfect travel outfit and look fantastic.

It could not be more convenient.


Dress for Success: The perfect Business Look to guarantee your success

Via your clothing style you and your employees represent your company. The effect of your looks on your environment has a direct influence on your professional success.

It is my job to create a clothing concept which is tuned exactly to your company to ensure a harmonious overall presentation – from the standard business look to individual consultation – aiming at putting the competence of the individual employee at the centre of focus.

The result: An appearance that represents your company optimally and at the same time – en passant - is able to boost the self-esteem of your employees and simultaneously aims at increasing your turnover.

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